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Sailing in Kitsap County, Bremerton, Port Orchard and Silverdale. We cruise, race and just love playing on the water.xxxxx

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2009 Annual Trophy Winner
West Sound Sailing Association
Sailor of the Year
Steve Trunkey

"Egress" and Crew
a Hotfoot 27

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Welcome to Kitsap Sailing

Kitsap county is the center of the Puget Sound. We are a peninsula surrounded by salt water. With the Puget Sound to our east, and the Hood Canal to our west and the San Juan Islands and Canada to the north. With our bays, inlets, islands and even rivers and lakes, sailing is GREAT for boats and yachts of all sizes.

Conditions: With our prevailing temperate marine environment (water is always 50 degrees), our surrounding waters are ideal for Sailing year around. We love to sail in the winter and fall as much as summer and spring.

Currents and Tides: While the winds and currents can be a challenge, they provide ideal sailing for the "true sailor". They are usually predictable and very often useful. With computer aided navigation, tides and currents are never a surprise.

Kitsap Sailing supports cruisers, racers and youth sailing program. We love the Lazers and Hobies, as well as the 20-50 ft cruising and racing yachts.

Please share your adventures, cruising information, racing info and results and most of all your photo's.

Our Links page has lots of valuable info about programs, yacht clubs, Racing associations people from all over the world with connections to Kitsap and the local sailing scene.

Enjoy the site.

Geoff and the crew of ReignMaker

Please visit our parent site and sponsor Sound DIve Center and our photo site Yodaworks.

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S/V ReignMaker
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